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  • Study Abroad
  • Masters Education (MS)
  • PhD in Engineering and Science

Study Abroad: Study in Europe

We provide guidance and assistance for students going for higher education in European countries based on their ability and financial condition. The countries that we provide assistance are Germany, The Netherlands (Holland), Switzerland, France, Sweden, Norway and Austria. During this assistance we will help students for

  • Prioritizing the countries of interest
  • Selecting universities for appropriate course
  • Writing motivation letter (SOP’s)
  • Obtaining transcripts
  • Helping for applications
  • Post admission support for obtaining visa
  • Helping for travelling to Europe

Masters Education (MS)

Most of the mainland European Masters courses are of two years MS by research as oppose to many one-year MS by course work that are offered in US. The education is of high quality with low tuition fees. Opportunities for work during and after completion of Masters course.

Timeline: Masters 2016

  • Course starts in Sept-Oct 2016
  • Prioritize for the country: Aug-Sept 2015.
  • Searching for Universities: Nov-Dec 2015
  • Application: Jan-Feb 2016

PhD in Engineering and Science

Admission to PhD can be done at any time in a year. Based on research and academic background of the student we will give proper guidance regarding the chances to secure admission for PhD in European Universities. Important factors to qualify for PhD at most of the Universities in Europe are:

  • Research profile at Master’s level.
  • Reputation of the University from which Master’s was completed (mostly students from IIT are easily selected, due to prior track record of IIT).
  • Recommendation from professors: If the professors have some published papers in international journals (with good impact factors) then it helps tremendously. This is one factor that helps students from IIT to secure admissions.
  • Motivation letter