Welcome to Global Aspirations Academy

With increased speed of communication through internet, the distances between people and places have diminished. We are thus now living in a global village which is a very fast and competitive world. The purpose of Global Aspirations Academy is to fulfill the aspirations of youngsters by preparing them for the new age global contest.

The three main reasons for this endeavor

Why we do it : empower students to become the master of their career.

Who we do it for : Students/Citizens who aspire to go abroad for higher studies or job/business purpose.

What we do : Provide intricate subject knowledge, thus helping the test takers excel exams.

Some of the issues that students have and solutions that we want to provide

Difference in theory & practical world : Generally students get bookish and theoretical knowledge but to get a job they need practical knowledge and skills. A tough competition in the job market forces recruiters to hire those students who show extra skills apart from theoretical knowledge. At global aspirations academy we not only provide theoretical knowledge through classes but also provide on-site visits, and internships to get practical training.

Lack of learning aids : Many times colleges do not teach using audio or visual aids. This makes the lectures boring and concepts difficult to understand. At global aspirations academy we make use of modern technology to impart education such as appropriate videos to explain basic fundamentals. Sometimes extra material available on internet is also useful to make difficult concepts clear.

Lack of communication and presentation skills : Often students coming from rural background lack confidence and therefore are weak in their communication and presentation skills. This hampers their chance of getting good grades in oral examinations and later during job interviews. We provide training for increasing the confidence of the students and enhance their communication and presentation skills.

Studying abroad : Studying abroad is synonymous of going to US. But there are a lot of high ranked, old and reputed universities in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Austria) which are often ignored. The education in Europe is not only of high quality but also cheaper than US. At global aspirations academy we provide guidance for students who want to go to Europe for Masters and PhD studies.

Vision and Mission


To become a leading academy to empower student with confidence to choose, steer and accelerate their own careers to achieve their global aspirations!!!


To impart theoretical-practical training and counseling to students to maximize their potential and equip them with a competitive edge in their career!!


Highly qualified teachers to handle the subjects effectively and efficiently and also make sure that every students gets proper individual attention. Here are some of the most important features of global aspirations academy.

Engineering subjects

Teaching methodology as in IIT’s and in European Universities

Thorough understanding of basic concepts using

  • Assignment techniques
  • Multiple choice tests
  • Audio visual techniques
  • On site visits

Exam scoring using

  • Understanding skills of writing exams
  • Problem solving skills
  • Chapter wise test
  • 2 full length exam paper
  • Oral exam practice


  • Improving presentation skills
  • Mock interviews
  • Building confidence
  • Enhancing communications skills
  • Opportunity for internships


  • Continuous feedback mechanism in place so as to improve on any shortcomings whatsoever as soon as possible.
  • Parents are regularly informed about their child’s progress and performance.
  • Guidance for students who want to start up their own firm in civil engineering.

Our Team

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Dr.Ir. Amit Deshmukh
Technical consultant

Dr.Ir. Amit Deshmukh

Shital Deshmukh
Management consultant

Shital Deshmukh

Akshay Deshmukh
Technical consultant

Akshay Deshmukh

Tatyasaheb Deshmukh
Technical advisor

Tatyasaheb Deshmukh

Vijay Deshmukh
Technical advisor

Vijay Deshmukh

Ajit Kharde
Legal consultant

Ajit Kharde